Highly Skilled Nashville Family Law Attorneys

Quality, Affordable Representation To Clients Throughout Middle Tennessee

Most law firms today try to scoop up as many cases as possible, then try them using the same basic approach. You can see them doing this on TV and outdoor advertisements.

At Music City Legal, we take a different approach:

  1. We listen carefully to the details and underlying problems of each case. In family law, we look to understand the new life the client needs to begin. In personal injury, it means totaling up every dollar that the client will need to go forward in life, or personal injury.
  2. We work up individualized plans for each case based on these details, and based on future needs.
  3. We persuade, presenting your point of view as clearly and as inarguably as possible.

Ours is a good approach. Using it we have helped hundreds of people through the difficulties of divorce, and guided them safely and intact to the other side. In the accident injury area, we have helped people carry on when they didn't think that they could.

A Cut Above: Divorce And Personal Injury Law For Nashville

We don't take every case that comes in the door. We would rather win six- and seven-figure settlements for a handful of clients than win a few hundred dollars for a hundred clients.

But that's us. Attorneys Jeremy Parham (family law) and Eric Cartee (personal injury law) have always striven to be "a cut above" the average law office. We know our clients by name and face, not by case number. We know how important a successful outcome to your divorce or accident settlement is to you. We use all our legal knowledge, all our experience in the courts and all our determination to bring results you can go forward with.

If that's the kind of lawyer you are looking for, you've found two at Music City Legal, of Nashville, Tennessee. We would like to know the details of your story. Call us at 615-988-1343, toll free 877-410-9461, to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with Jeremy or Eric. Or contact us by email.